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Live Casino Game

Live roulette is an excellent casino game where you position bets, hoping that you correctly guessed the location unto which the roulette’s ball will fall at the time when the wheel stops.  Similar to other online casino games, live roulette is a game of luck.  As such, when you bet, there is no certain way to know if you are going to win, so you are basically risking your money. 

Furthermore, play roulette for fun instead of just to win money. Being capable of enjoying live roulette is a great way to spend your leisure time even with friends or family.  Seasoned gamblers love online games since there is no need to travel to land based casinos for games such as live blackjack, live sic bo, live poker, and live baccarat.


Live Casino Option

Dublin Bet live casino has a great auto roulette game that is similar to the actual game.  When you access the live casino roulette game there is a table, a roulette wheel, and game chips to bet.  You just press on the quantity of the wager that you like and then press on the game numbers that you want to wager on.  When you have chosen all of your wagers, you can click on the button to spin and the croupier yells “no more wages.”  Afterwards, the roulette stops and the croupier mention the winning game number and you are either paid or your chips get collected.


This live casino online game is tons of fun.  We tried a few plays and we only won a couple of times, but we had great thrills with positioning the wagers and waiting for the roulette’s ball to fall.  This is definitely a live online casino game that roulette players will like to play all the time.  The roulette table is simple to watch, the wagers are simple to position, and there is no doubt as to what you have to do.  The directions on the screen are a great aid for those players that are new to the game.


The entire screen is colorful and sharp, with graphics that are realistic.  On top of the game’s graphics are great sound effects, which create an environment similar to a land based casino.  Without a doubt, Dublin Bet has made a true game experience to play live roulette at live casinos.  This is not available anywhere else online.  Various other casino sites have low graphics that make roulette players dislike the online version.  This chance to enjoy the live roulette game will enable new players to play the online casino game and will also provide experienced roulette players a way to play from home.