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 PlayTech: The Live Casino Online Pioneer

Playtech is the lead provider of famous live casino online games like live poker, live blackjack, live roulette, and slot games.  Playtech services various live casinos, being very meaningful for players in the live casino online gaming arena.  It was founded in the late 90’s by live casino online experts and specialists on high-tech software.  These employees made one of the greatest technology software in the planet available today such as a live dealer casino. 


At the time when Playtech started, the company worked with the usual land based casinos to ensure that they had the best offerings, recreating the gambling environment to players.  Their gaming software was not yet created, but the idea to provide the best gaming platform remained.  Furthermore, a few years ahead, in 2001, various live casinos online maintained by PlayTech’s software were born. Even when the live casino online companies of PlayTech were not the industry’s first, their software gave a lot of improvement to the Internet gaming in games of live roulette, live blackjack, poker, and slot games.  PlayTech introduced the idea of programs for VIP’s, rewards and points systems, and made way for the software to be compatible with many gambling platforms.


However, 2002 was the greatest year for the Playtech’s gaming software.  It appears that they got their recognition finally at the time that they deserved.  Various live casinos online started with the name of PlayTech.  There were even other sites that were being handled by different platform technologies that were restarted under PlayTech’s software.  At this time, Playtech would just continue to improve their games.


PlayTech continued to improve, by getting more features like referral programs and upgraded service system for customers.  Brand new games were placed on their ever growing game list, and the overall presentation was optimized.  The majority of the games were shown in a 3D format with various animations.  This is why 2002 was a great year for PlayTech.


For the year of 2003, PlayTech grew even more by venturing into the bingo scene.  This venture was profitable, but the main business remained being focused on the classic games.  PlayTech just didn’t deal with the online gaming environment.  They were doing much more.  So, in 2003, PlayTech started with the revolutionary concept called Live Gaming, known today as dealer casino games of live roulette, live blackjack, and slot games.  The idea increased the market for casinos greatly.  The live gaming concept was PlayTech’s best action.  The live dealer casino game got the attention of all players, even when they started with their very own platform of poker and overall improvement for games. PlayTech is known for being the pioneer of interactive and powerful live casino online games that are famous on all gambling circles today, even as they have expanded and created sportsbook betting options.


PlayTech got a name from doing real gambling.  PlayTech got awards for an impressive software creation for online casinos.  PlayTech continues to come up with innovative various offers for live casinos to use.  At this moment, with the live casino online games being at their popularity peak, PlayTech is known all over the online gambling scene.