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Who doesn’t remember the classic game of war that everyone used to play as a kid? Do you have any memories of sitting at a country house on a windy day with a friend or a sibling as you played with cards? You may get those great feelings back, and if you are a lucky person you may be able to make some money while playing too.

Dublin Bet, a UK casino, has the game of Casino War, but in a virtual setup of the great classic game. You just have to make a bet on every play and then the winning player gets the total amount of the bets. The live online casino game is really easy to play and it is something that even a new player would find great to play.

If you want to spend some time with a great game, but, don’t really like to play an intense games like live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live sic bo, or live poker, you may play the Casino War game. It has great graphics of the casino game table, casino coins, and the card deck. Initially, you must position your bet with five chip minimum bet. You then press on the deal icon and the croupier draws the game cards and the player with the greatest value card gets the sum of money.

You may select to go on playing with the same wager quantity all over the game, or you may up the ante bet as you play along. The live casino online game chips go from one to one hundred and you may change the amount at any moment throughout the casino game as you become more and more confident. Think about making $300 off a one card by playing casino war! Talk about thrills!

The Casino War game is an excellent game selection for any casino player. The casino game is tons of fun, it’s easy, and you do not need to learn much about playing cards. Various players that are new to casino card games are threatened by poker games, because they haven’t become familiar with the card combinations.

With Casino War you do not have to learn what a royal flush is or what a full house is, you just have to learn that an eight is better than a two and that this will make you win your bet! The casino game has excellent graphics so you will feel as if you were located right at the casino table enjoying the casino game. What is even better is that you are enjoying a game that you will more than likely used to play as a kid, so the regulations are easily remembered.

We did notice that this game, when played, is extremely fast. If you enjoy the game with more than one game hand you have to keep track of which hand you have lost or won. The casino game does not maintain a total running amount of the money that you win during a game of Casino War, so you may lose notion of the quantity that you wagered. But, there is a total running of the quantity that you have available in your casino account so that you may check for this amount if you are not certain of the quantity that you have spent.