Live Casino Deuces Wild Game

Live Casino Game Load

Login to the game’s site with your username and password chosen at registration during the casino sign-up. A live casino online account information screen will now by displayed. Click the "Play Now" button located on the left side of this screen. The casino game lobby will now be displayed in a new window. While in the live online casino game Lobby, go to the area on video poker & keno, and then pick the game of Deuces Wild. After clicking to play the game of Deuces Wild a window will pop-up.

Deuces Wild will be ready for you to enjoy after it has been fully loaded to a 100% as it will be displayed by the progress bar.


Deuces Wild's regulations are fairly easy. You have to initially pick the quantity you want to bet and how much casino coins you want to play with. Then, go to the area on placing bets for extra information. Once the first five cards have been dealt, there will be five hold icons found underneath the cards. This way, the server knows that you want these cards for the last stage. After you have selected the casino cards that you like to hold, you must click the deal button located on the game panel.

To Place Bets

Go to the casino’s game understanding area of this strategy to learn more about the icons. After you have selected the amount that you like to wager, click the deal button located in the panel.


Coins are basically utilized for placing bigger bets in the live casino game with every coin being similar to BET x 4 game lines. For example:

  • 1 x Coin with wager of 0.50 -> TOTAL wager = 2.00
  • 2 x Coins with wager of 0.50 -> TOTAL wager = 4.00
  • 3 x Coins with wager of 0.50 -> TOTAL wager = 6.00

When picking a new amount of coins you would want to play by checking on the payout table which displays the new payouts.

Game Understanding

>Deuces Wild is enjoyed under a screen zone located to the right of the window with four game rows and five marked cards. The casino cards are dealt here too. Under these cards you will see an icon for every column named hold. The hold icon is used to any desired pause. You have to get familiar with two more areas, which are the casino game panel and table.

Information on the Payout

Along the top portion of the game table you will see a table with BET 1 wager, 2 wagers, 3 COIN, 4 wagers, and 5 wagers. If you change the amounts of casino Coins the tables becomes updated. This game Payout table is a constantly changing layout that displays the instructions on the kind of game Payout that you will get with the respective game card combination.

If you increase the quantity you like to wager per casino Coin or if you increase the amount of casino Coins, the game PayTable will show the real time game payout amounts to show the wager you have recently placed. The game Paytable highlights any winning game combinations that you might have in the corresponding game row that you have it on with the winning amount being paid into your casino game account. For instance, a Wild Royal Flush hand winning game combination achieved by playing with 1 x casino Coin with the lowest wager of €0.05 will have a payout of €1.00.

Double/Half double or Nothing

This area of the casino game is displayed in the middle of the screen in case you win in any of the game’s 4 lines. You will need to select to either to duplicate all the game winnings or to only duplicate half of the game winnings. In every case, if you pick to duplicate your game winnings, you will be directed to a casino sub-game in which you choose if the turned down card is black or red in color.

Now, you are ready to play this great live casino game of Deuces Wild at your favorite online casino. Don't forget to try other games of live roulette, live sic bo, live poker, online slots, live baccarat, and live blackjack at our featured UK casino.