Dublinbet - Live Blackjack

November 27th, 2012

Live blackjack is a famous game that you may enjoy at DublinBet live casino online. Like roulette, this casino game is popular for its easiness. However, live blackjack does need some tactical thinking on your behalf. This is not as difficult as other casino card games, like live poker, which needs you to know your own playing cards as well as the cards of the other players.

A Brief History of Blackjack

Blackjack’s history is very exciting, because it is a hybrid of an Italian and French casino game. The name blackjack comes from the French “Vingt et Un.” In this casino game, the best playing hand is an Ace and a Jack, Queen, or King of spades. The black term is derived from the ace of spades. The blackjack from the past is just like today’s blackjack game where you need to get a quantity as close as possible to a twenty one without going over it.

If you go over twenty one, you are said to be “busted.” This refers to the Italian practice of “Seven and a Half Game.” Different from blackjack, Seven and a Half uses only the regular and face cards. The face playing cards, aside from the King of diamonds, which is thought as a wild card, are ranked half a point in comparison to the usual cards. Usual cards only have the nine, eight, and seven of each suit. If you go over seven and a half points, you lose, like in the blackjack game.

How to Play Live Blackjack

As mentioned above, the purpose of blackjack is to get a twenty one or the nearest number possible to it without going over. The way to play live blackjack in DuBlinBet is very easy. Initially, you would have to make your bet. In addition, the computer enables you to have more than one playing hand (called the multi-hand blackjack). The regulations are the same regardless of how many hands you have. To play the multi-hand game, you must put the desired quantity of bets to every hand that you play.

Once you place your bet, you will be given two cards faced up. If you are playing a multi-hand blackjack game, you will get two cards for every hand that you play. The casino game then commences.

If any of the gamblers in the blackjack table has a perfect blackjack hand (an ace with a face card), he may opt for insurance. The insurance bet will enable you to get a payout of double the insurance amount if the dealer draws a ten-valued card. You may place the insurance bet by pressing on the icon that pops up when the option is available.

Moreover, in order to obtain a twenty one, you will more than likely have to hit. A hit refers to when the dealer draws you another playing card. You may get as many hits as you want until you get the desired hand or go busted. When you are confident with your hand, you may say that you do not want more cards by pressing on the “stand” icon. The computer program will then stop drawing you any more cards for that playing hand.