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Compilation of Live Casinos that Take ECO Card

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  • Europa Online Casino
  • Vegas Red Live Casino

With many people being on the Internet the majority of the time, Internet transactions have become very popular. Purchasing about anything may be done online. As a matter of fact, a New York’s penthouse with a value of thirty five million dollars was purchased online as reported on the headline news recently.

Alternate payment methods for transactions done online are paving their way to becoming the standard of e-commerce as the fame of credit cards have decreased due to issues with security. Most of the credit card members are scared to utilize their credit cards on Internet payments by fear that their credit card denominations will be robbed. Based on this issue on security and privacy online, alternate Internet payments operators like EcoCard are available to get back the reliable online activities to decrease the fraud trends.

Internet activities like gambling can lure many concerns on security for holders of credit cards to play at live casino games of live roulette, live blackjack, online slots, live poker, live baccarat, and live sic bo. The alternate method that enables players to pay for online casinos without the risk of utilizing a credit card has become popular. This is what EcoCard does. It feeds on real financial assets of the member. This signifies that there is absolutely no fraud danger and charge-backs.

EcoCard may be utilized in various online casinos. It is one of the most used systems of payment since purchasing live casino chips may be done within seconds with an intact personal security.

Casino transactions are far better with EcoCard because there are no risks involved by using a credit card. Playing at a live online casino may even have a not too positive connotation. Members like to avoid such deals from appearing in their credit statement. An Internet payment operator like EcoCard does not display any financial information to the live casino online. But, you could provide your actual address and name.

EcoCard has been giving members a secure method since the year 2000. It is a great and fast-growing alternate payment method, which allows users to transact and shop online. This assures great privacy and security. This virtual personal debit card, which is prepaid, serves transactions of two banks located in Europe and manages transactions for over twenty five nations around the world. Actual time online banking creates convenient transactions for the users. You may also track the transactions’ history so that you may revise the validity of them.

This is a free registration. Deposits for the card are free, but some transactions are charged by banks. Any bank transfer is credited between two to five business days with transfers for cash deposits are placed after twenty four hours. Wire transfer withdrawals have a $10 charge with checks having a $25 charge, being allowed only for Italian and United Kingdom members.

Withdrawal requests are done after two days. You live casino payment has no charge. Once you wire or deposit funds from your personal bank account, or via any other system to EcoCard, you may utilize the funds in the card to place your transactions.

For card questions in relation to the options, you may always revise the information found on the site’s Help area. For any questions not found on the Internet helpdesk, you may fill out an online form. Members may leave an answering machine message at the United Kingdom number +44 (0) 870-763-0177. Please, be sure to mention your personal account number, home telephone number, full name, and your question.

EcoCard has a very dedicated customer agent support, which serves all members on every weekday from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon, GMT. EcoCard will answer any questions during these times. For questions that you would like to send via paper, it could be done at their fax: +44 (0) 870-763-0188.