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With most people utilizing credit cards for their day to day transactions, it is amazing that only a few number of people, a bit more than twenty five percent, have ever utilized them on their Internet purchases. If you questioned the remainder seventy five percent about why they have not utilized them, they will more than likely say that it's because they were scared about having their credit card digits stolen. But, many transactions are a lot easier to do with the credit cards online.

Due to this brand new e-commerce, businesses came into action. These businesses make Internet transactions safer and easier as the bank account and credit card numbers of the users do not appear at the transactions end of the online websites or stores that the user likes to perform business with. Entropay is one of the greatest middle business payment providers between an online transaction and clients. Here is a list of ten reasons to utilize Entropay:

  1. You can pay at any location. Entropay is accepted everywhere that a Visa card is processed. Since the Visa credit card is approved in about 99% of the online sites, this signifies that you may utilize Entropay anywhere that you would like.
    For example, use it to play games of live poker, live roulette, live sic bo, live blackjack, online slots, and live baccarat. But, this is not a personal bank account. It is simply a debit card, so please utilize it as such. You require having a balance remaining in your personal account or the transaction will be refused.
  2. Open. Based on the law, those persons who are under the age of eighteen are not allowed to use Entropay. But, almost anyone over the age of eighteen who has a personal credit or debit card is allowed to open a personal account. From around the world, applications are accepted.
  3. Prepaid. No monthly hidden fees. But, every deposit has a charge of 4.5%. Using your account balance is free. Withdrawals have a charge of $6.
  4. Transactions in real-time. This serves on loading your card up. But, similar to any credit business, your acquisitions will only be shown days after the transaction.
  5. There is no minimum withdrawal/deposit quantity. But, there could be certain limits to spend, but, this is based on the currency that you utilize. Though, the details are only available to members.
  6. Enables various sources for funding. Even though you may only make one Entropay personal account, you are enabled to have multiple personal debit or credit card linking to your personal account. You have many options to add funds to the card.
  7. The application is simple. Getting an account is as simple as inputting certain forms and allowing time for approval, which may last only a couple of minutes after the application. You must select a username that should have at least 6 digits that must have both numbers and letters for extra security.
    You have to input certain personal details, but, the only identification that you will be required to give is your e-mail address and funding resource. You funding resource may be from any major debit or credit card.
  8. Transactions are secure. This is the key for any Internet transaction. Always revise if the site that you are transacting on has a certificate for security that is valid, which you may locate by double pressing on the lower right side of your screen’s padlock. Also, the website address should begin with an https://, which signals that a correct encryption has been done before any details are sent to the site.
  9. Customer service that is secure. Entropay has the utilization of the messaging facility which is secure, located inside the account of Entropay.
  10. Entropay is registered. Entropay is run by a United Kingdom company called Ixaris Systems Ltd.