Live Casino King of the Jungle Game

Loading King of the Jungle

Utilize your password and username, which you chose during the sign-up process to access the live casino website. Your account details will now be shown into a new screen. The “play now” button/image will now be displayed on the left border of the screen. Simply click this icon for the live casino online lobby to be shown in a new window. There many games are available like live roulette, live poker, online slots, live baccarat, live blackjack, live roulette, and live sic bo.

In the casino lobby, you can select to enjoy “King of the Jungle” from the slot machines choice. A pop-up window will be loaded once the link for “King of the Jungle” has been selected. A progress bar will display the quantity of the casino game that has loaded. It will be ready to play once the game loading progress gets to 100%.

Rules of the Game

The rules are very simple. Simply select the amount you like to wager per game line and the quantity of lines that you want to play to spin the reels.

To Place Bets

The casino panel can be used to place a wager in this game, as described above, to select the line bet and lines amounts. In addition, to place wagers, there are two options in the casino game panel. Initially, you have to choose the quantity per line that you like to play with. For instance, if you are playing with six lines and you wager three credits per line, the total wager for this game would be for eighteen credits-the “line bet” button is located on the right corner of the panel.

The button used to select the amount of lines in your casino game is called “lines” and it is located on the left side of the panel-by the line bet button, it is placed to the amount of one. The quantity of lines that you would want to play with have to be selected after placing the amount that you like to wager in the line bet choice. There will be a horizontal line going across the reels to show the new course to win the casino game, when selecting the amount of lines that you would want to play.

Knowing the Game

“King of the Jungle” has many choices and variations available that may occur during the casino game play.

Wild Symbol

How does the wild symbol function? For instance, if you acquire four equal reels and a wild symbol is displayed, it's just like having five equal symbols (4x machine and one x wild). Since the Wild Game Card is in the mixed, the payout will be doubled too.

Rules for the Wild Symbol

The wild symbol must be shown from the right to left or left to right consecutively.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol can pay in any area on the reels-it does not need to be in the pay line. A scatter game symbol combination that wins the game will pay versus the total wager, not the line bet, for instance, scatter symbol victories are added to your Payline wins.