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Live Blackjack Early Payout Plus DoppleGanger

Blackjack Introduction

This is a guide with options to optimize your gameplay at blackjack with the early payout option. Blackjack with early payout allows you to get paid based on what was drawn by the dealer's turn up card and your hand. In blackjack early payout, lower hands are ranked less than stronger ones. Early payout is determined on the average calculation of the cards being held by the dealer and player.

Gamblers have the choice to enjoy blackjack with the early game payout or simple strategy options. With the early payout choice, any extra cards given to you are not placed in the final result. On the other hand, with the simple strategy choice, the result is based against the croupier’s total hand. VueTec Limited has the patent for the simple strategy live casino blackjack with early payout.

Live Blackjack Game Rules

Wagers can be made on two, three, or one hands only. Simple strategy regulations are done by the croupier. At every stage, you have these options:

  • Choose the early payout choice, stopping for more action on your hand when desired.
  • Keep on playing the simple strategy option.
  • Players get cards until their hands go over twenty one or if the simple strategy stands.
  • Gamblers have the option to split or double their hands.

The idea is to attain a 21 without passing it, and to defeat the croupier’s hand. If you get over twenty one, you lose the game and your coins. There are three possible outcomes which are to draw, win, or lose. In each scenario, a winner is selected and the cards are positioned back on the deck for the following game.

Cards are drawn, by the croupier, to every gambler, starting from the right corner of the blackjack table. The cards are initially dealt on a one to one basis to every gambler, croupier included, until all the gamblers and the croupier have a second card. A small section on top of the game cards, in the screen, shows the total amount of the gambler’s two blackjack cards. This calculation is achieved in real time, as more cards are added to the hands.

Live Blackjack Splits

Splits may only be achieved after the gambler has a pair combination. It may only be split once, and only one extra card is dealt to split aces.

Blackjack Doubling

The simple strategy regulations duplicate the game by default. But, the gambler does have the choice to not duplicate.

Live Blackjack

Hands in live blackjack are simply two game cards, a jack, a king, or a queen, and an ace. We are the hosts for the European non-hole card regulations type of the game, in which only one game card is handed to the croupier on the initial draw. This way, the croupier, with just one card, may not revise for a blackjack.

Live Blackjack Shuffling

A six card decks simulation is used by RNG live casino online games. Every casino game is drawn from a shoe that has six regular fifty two cards. Multi-hand casino blackjack and single casino blackjack use a continuous game shuffle. The whole card shoe is shuffled before any hand is drawn.

Live Blackjack with Early Payout

In RNG casino games, the card deck is cut exactly at the 50% mark after the shoe is shuffled. Then, the game starts. Once the cut is done, the round is played, and a new shuffle is made prior to the start of the following round.


This is an optional game side bet on blackjack. If the player gets a pair, the doppelganger wager wins. But, if the initial two cards are not a pair, then, the gambler loses. There are many payouts that depend on the various pair combinations.

Pure DG

This occurs when the initial two cards drawn are of equal value and suit. For instance, two game cards each being a six of clubs.

Live Blackjack Colored DG

This happens when the starting two cards are of equal color and value, but, with different suit. For instance, a pair of a five of hearts and a five of diamonds cards in a hand.

Mixed DG

This occurs when the two initial blackjack cards are of different colors, but, with similar value. For instance, a five of spades and a five of diamonds cards in a hand. To make a doppelganger type bet, wagers can be made in the doppelganger wager box, found in the bet section in front of the casino blackjack screen. The doppelganger wager will be given back, if the doppelganger wager is made with the wager not being finished on the same hand. Once the draw begins, all wagers must be made.

Live Blackjack - Placing bets

1, 25, 100, and 5 are the markings of the four available playing coins located at the lower portion of the table. Wagers are made by placing the computer mouse on top of any of the coin images that display the rank of the coin that you want to wager. Simply click the left mouse button on the desired computer icon.

A yellow ring will now show, displaying that you have chosen to play with the selected quantity. Now, position the computer mouse at the location on the game table where you would like to make a bet, and click the left mouse key. A pop-up will display the name and value set for the location. More coins may be set on the game table too.

To select a different coin, the computer mouse should be placed at the border of the game table, and moved over the coin that you like to wager. Then, click the left computer mouse key. A yellow ring will display the new coin that was selected, marking the actual active coin.

If more than one coin is positioned on a specific location, the coins may reorder or change in rank. These coins will still have the equal total rank set for every wager, but would only change to the least quantity of coins. This would display the bet value with an order from the lowest chip on top to the greatest chip on the bottom.

Removing Bets

To withdraw coins from live casinos table, simply right-press on the position that you want to remove the game coins from. This action withdraws the game coins starting with the lesser rank. If you want to withdraw a group of coins, simply click and release the computer mouse above the group of coins that you like to withdraw. Now, this group of coins will follow the computer mouse. To remove all of the coins, simply click and release the right computer mouse icon. Even if the group of coins is off the table, you can click and release the right computer mouse icon.

Live Blackjack - Video and Sound

Our casinos offer the live video connection with the added sound for all games of live roulette, online slots, live poker, live sic bo, and live baccarat. Here, the croupier plays versus other gamblers and yourself. The video link programming scans the cards played with the card club which is shown on the window of your casino game. All casino games have an automatic access to the video feed, but, if you would prefer to not watch the online casino sound or video, just select the option to turn it off.

Starting from the left side, “stop” is the initial icon; this is utilized to detain the live casino video feed from going into your personal computer. When this icon is pressed, you may still enjoy the casino game that you were playing. Pause is the second icon, this is used to suspend or pause the live video casino feed, while playing it (do know that this choice does not pause the casino game that you are enjoying).

Sound is the following icon, and this will turn off the sound from the live casino feed, showing a red slash when clicked, that is visible on the button for sound. You can position the live video screen around your computer desktop screen by utilizing the “un-dock” button from the table.

BJEP Early Payout Calculation

For all casino card games, it is possible to calculate the probabilities of any player and dealer acquiring a certain set of cards. With these odds and quantity bet math calculations, the usual return may be increased over time, studying all the possible results. From the calculated return of any given hand, less a tiny casino margin, the early payout quantity given is obtained. The early payout values given are based by multiplier ranks, displayed on the tables at the bottom of this article.

The casino tables below are based on a multiplier rank, in order to know the actual early payout rank, just select the actual table which would be used in accordance to the simple strategy. Then, simply check for the rank at the intersection of the game column that displays the croupier’s turn up card and the game row that displays the gambler’s hand rank. When the correct game multiplier is chosen by you, place the total quantity bet to the outcome of multiplying the quantity wagered by the multiplier rank.

In addition, if a gambler has bet five pounds and the gambler's hand is a three of clubs and two of spades, with the croupier’s turn up card being a seven of hearts, the early game payout offered will be for €4.25. The initial game table is utilized, in this case, because the following move would be to hit, according to the simple strategy game.

A five is the gambler's total hand (being a three plus two). Then, the second game row of the casino table is chosen. Since the croupier’s turn up card is a seven, a game column should be chosen. A -0.14 is the rank at the intersection of this table column and row. A €4.30 is the mathematical calculation for the early payout rank from {(€5 x -0.14) +5}. You should now be ready to play blackjack with the early payout option at live casino of your choice.