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One of the most popular live casino online games, which give tons of excitement, is the live roulette online game. Roulette is based on a betting layout table, an ivory ball, and a wheel that rotates on a spindle with spaces for the ivory ball to fall.

Dublin Bet live casino site offers two kinds of roulette games, auto roulette and live roulette online. The auto roulette game has a generator for random numbers that selects the winning denomination. The live roulette online game is enjoyed with attractive live dealers that position the game ball in the wheel. The winning denomination is displayed when the ball falls on the roulette’s wheel space.

Loading the Game

Utilize your live casino username and password, which you created initially for the sign-up access to the gambling website. Your live casino online account information will now be displayed into a new window. The “play now” button/image will now be shown on the left border of the window. Simply click this icon for the live casino online game lobby to be displayed in a new screen.

In the game lobby, you can select the auto roulette game located in the “table & card games” area or the live roulette online option located in the “live casino games” area.

A pop-up screen will be available after the roulette game’s link has been chosen. A progress bar will show the amount of the live casino online game that is being loaded. Then, the game will be ready when the loading process reaches 100%.

Game Rules

The live roulette online wheel is based on thirty seven slots, every single one representing a denomination. In addition, every single slot is composed of either red or black colors. There is only one zero denomination, based on the European version of the game with the rest of the denominations going from the number one up to thirty six.

The white ivory ball lands into one of the spaces after the dealer spins the live roulette online wheel with the ball in it. The game payout rate is based on the spot unto which the game ball lands and the kind of wager made by the gambler. The live roulette online table has twelve different wager choices.

Placing Bets

Simply position your computer mouse on top of the coin, located on the border of the live casino online table, which shows the rank of the coin that you would like to make your wagers with. Then, press and release the left computer mouse key and the wanted coin will be displayed with a yellow ring surrounding it on the screen. This coin will now go after the computer mouse to select the betting locations. Now, just set the coin in the position of the live casino online table where you want to place your wager. A small rectangle will show if the position is a valid location, and it will display the name of this position. To set the coin, simply click and release the left mouse key.

On the live casino table, there will now be shown a coin in the position that you chose. You can continue to set your wagers, since a coin will still follow your computer mouse. The small figure that displayed the name of the position will now display the wager value made on the position. To select a different coin, place the computer mouse on the border of the live casino online table and set it on top of the coin that you want to wager by clicking and releasing the left computer mouse key. The yellow ring will now display the new coin that you have selected.

There are five coin amounts, along the border of the live casino online table such as max bet, $25, $100, $1, and $5. You utilize these coins to set your wagers. You can place your computer mouse above the coin image in order to revise its rank, if you are not sure of it. A pop up screen will load displaying the correct coin amount.

The coins may reorder themselves or change in rank if more than one coin is located on a set position. These coins will hold the similar value, but may have changed to maintain the order going from the lowest coin above to the largest coin on the bottom. The coins may simply change to show the lower amount of coins in relation to their value.

Re-bet Button

The re-bet icon, found at the lower right portion of the screen, is utilized in case that you clicked the clear icon by mistake and would like to undo its action. Every one of the coins will now be placed on the live casino online table.

Clear Button

This icon is utilized to withdraw all the wagers from the live online casino table and to place them back to your account credits.

Removing Bets

To withdraw coins from the live casino online table, right-press the area you want to withdraw the coins from. The coins will be withdrawn starting with the lesser quantity. If you want to withdraw a group of coins, just click and release the computer mouse key above the group of coins that you would want to withdraw. Now, this group of coins will follow the computer mouse. To remove all the coins, simply “click and release” the right mouse key.

Moving Bets

Place the computer mouse icon above the coins that you want to position and “click and hold” the left computer mouse key. Moreover, place the coins to the new desired position, and release the left computer mouse key. The coins will now be positioned in the new wanted location. A tiny rectangular pop-up will appear after this stage has been accomplished, displaying the quantity that has been placed in the new areas on the live casino online table.

Maximum and Minimum Bets

The bet ranks for the maximum and minimum wagers can change depending on the live casino online table. If you try to go over the highest or lowest bet limits, when making your wager, the live casino online game will tell you. When the live roulette online game shows “no more bets,” any undone wager, like not attaining the minimum quantity, will be withdrawn and rejected.

The real minimum and maximum bet quantities for a wager on a straight-up single bet are displayed on the game table panel, specific for that live casino online table. Each time you go into the game, the limits for other wager locations for live roulette online are displayed, or you can watch the limits by positioning the computer mouse on top of the game panel.

To know the position of minimum and maximum wagers, there are game multipliers that show the calculated minimum and maximum quantities for straight up bets on single denomination positions. Some live casino online tables might have slight variations and the values displayed interactively on these tables are always the based values for that game.

Understanding the Game

There are several factors that deal with the game's layout for the live roulette online screen. The game layout of the live roulette online table is the most important factor. The live roulette online table is like any other table located in any land based casino. Bets and live casino online table locations are placed in equal manner. To learn the information for a specific location, simply place your mouse above that location in question, and a pop-up screen will display the information about that location.

The final ten outcomes of live roulette online games are displayed in a section on the left corner of the video feed screen. These ten outcomes are the most recent results, going from the most recent outcome to the oldest one. Below the last ten results there are two markings. A top marking in white color shows the name of the video casino feed manager, and an orange, second marking that is the denomination of the actual open live roulette online game. As each new live casino online game commences, a unique denomination is provided to every new game. Your wagers will be placed on the actual open live roulette online game, when you lock them on the table.

Next to the streaming video feed, there are three marking found above the left portion of the live roulette online game. From right to left they are: “bet” which is the amount of coins that you have on the live roulette online table; “last win” which is the total quantity that you won being displayed, if you won on the last live casino online game; and “credits” which is the amount of game credits that you have in your live casino online account.

Number & Neighbors

A pop will display with a new group of wager sets, when this icon is pressed, which is located underneath the coins on both the auto and live roulette online games. These wager sets are shown according to their positions on the live roulette online wheel.

On the table layout, you may set the computer mouse above any number or combination. In addition, when you place the computer mouse on top of a location, the denomination will light up, showing that coins could be place on the locations that are highlighted. These is the same for all live casino online games like live blackjack and live poker too.