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Early Payout Basic Strategy

The early payout version of live blackjack is offered exclusively by Vuetec, at selected live casinos. In early payout games, players get the chance to leave mid-game with a payment based on the cards that remained in their hands. As such, live blackjack with early payout is very popular and has obtained a huge online presence. If you want to succeed in this game, it's recommended to check some guides and techniques-usually available online.

Playing blackjack online is simple with lots of action. However, live casino websites have different rules and regulations that should be checked before playing their games. In addition, by knowing certain techniques, you can maximize your chances to win. A popular method to play is by playing with multiple hands. On the other hand, some gamblers simply play by following their instincts without using any techniques. If you don't want to learn any techniques, play with the early payout option, which provides you the opportunity to quit hands without losing all the money wagered.

As long as you know how to bet, you can win at live blackjack without an extensive knowledge of the game. Live blackjack's game play is simple since cards are dealt until players are satisfied with their hands unless they go bust. To go bust, you would need a hand with a value over 21.

Blackjack Payout

In live blackjack, there are several betting options such as splitting or doubling hands for more chances to win. Live blackjack's payout is determined by the type of cards that you hold in comparison to the dealer. Hands that win are paid on a ratio of one to one unless a special combination is obtained based on the version that is played.

Early Payout Option

Live blackjack versions with early payout are usually preferred by new players since losses can be reduced. This early payout version basically allows players to withdraw their hands before losing entire bets. If you don't use the early payout option, your hand is simply matched against the dealer's to decide if you've won. The early payout version is not available at all live casino online sites since it's only provided by websites with VueTec Ltd license.

Regardless of the version that you play, live blackjack is mostly a game of luck since a single card can make you go bust or reach the perfect 21. If you decide to play with the early payout option, the risk for you to lose money is reduced. You can basically increase your chances to win by playing games with the early payout option.

Many players think that it's difficult to learn live blackjack's techniques, etiquette, rules, and card values. This notion couldn't be further from the truth as live blackjack is one of the easiest live casino games in comparison to other games like live poker, live roulette online, and slot games. There are some regulations that you should know, but this is also true for most games. For example, you must have played table games like Monopoly, which had certain rules to follow. These rules didn't stop you from playing it as a kid, right? There are even games available to practice for free without having to worry about money at some live casinos.

If you don't know how to play blackjack online, you should play live blackjack games with the early payout option first. Live casinos are the best way for you to transition from land based to online gambling. There is a wide range of reputable gambling websites available for you like Dublin Bet. Dublin Bet, a live casino online, currently offers live blackjack without a deposit. This will enable you to get used to the game, learn the card values, and understand its regulations without spending any money.

Live blackjack is meant for all players, beginners and professionals alike. If you are able to count up to 21 and recognize card values of 1 up to 10 or 11, you are ready to play! You should be able to play blackjack like a professional in just a few hours. If you like card games, live blackjack is a great option for you.