Live Blackjack Strategy

Counting Cards Basic Guide for Live Blackjack Casino Games

Counting cards is a usual casino technique utilized by various live casino players when enjoying a live blackjack game. As a matter of fact, it is an online casino strategy that may only be utilized in blackjack as it has no used in games of live poker, live roulette, live sic bo, or live baccarat. Various players who are not familiar with what happens in counting cards consider that counting cards is based in only memorizing the casino cards that were played in the blackjack game. Card counting is the opposite, since it only involves card counting, as the name mentions. While the technique does need a sound memory, simple memorization is not required at all.

How would counting cards aid the gambler to win a casino live blackjack game? Simply said, with counting cards, the gambler obtains an edge on the game's odds. Needless to say, the idea of the blackjack game is to obtain a casino hand that amounts to a total of twenty one or as near to this number as the gambler can attain. The croupier has to stand when a seventeen is reached. The gambler only needs higher value cards to win the round, while maintaining low value cards would be to the house's advantage.

One more thing with counting cards is that it aids the gambler choose the quantity of money to bet while playing in a live game of blackjack. If the player is card counting, the player would recognize the moment to get the cards with greater value that would come to his hand and when to expect lower value cards. In this method, when the player recognizes that the following cards that will be drawn are more likely to be of higher value, the player would increase the bet or maybe just double down.

If the card values are considered to be low, the player will remain betting the minimum allowed by the live casino online. This helps a lot if the croupier is utilizing more than one card deck in the live blackjack game. In addition, blackjack may be played with up to eight card decks.

In counting cards, the gambler will be required to set numeric amounts to each card that is played in the casino game; a card could be a 0, -1, or 1. The cards that have a value of 6 to 2 have a counting card value of 1. The cards with 9, 8, 7 values have a value of 0 and the ace and ten are valued at -1. The gambler requires to be fast in placing the values on these numbers and to calculate the total amount for this strategy to function.

An important game fact that has to be considered in card counting is that the croupier has to master the blackjack basics before even trying the technique. Counting cards will not work if the gambler does not know the simple blackjack mechanics.

But, one moment, is counting cards legal? Counting cards is legal, obviously; since you only use your head. Certain casinos that have live blackjack games, though, attempt to get rid of counting cards techniques by using automatic card shufflers. So, it is better to revise the regulations of live casinos that you are enjoying if you are considering playing a game of blackjack.