Live Casino-Australia

Australian Live Casino Profit Rises
March 22nd, 2013

Australia’s online casino industry continues to grow as land-based casinos lose ground. As such, land-based casino profits in the region were down to $16 billion in 2012 from $20 billion in 2011. Experts suggest that live casinos are able to attract more players over land-based sites due to their worldwide appeal and on the go access. These online casinos currently offer a wider selection of games, bonuses, and prizes over traditional gambling locations.

Billion Dollar Industry

Spending in traditional casinos by Australians fell by $1.6 billion from the 2010-2011 period, including one billion less in horse race betting. On the other hand, online gambling during this same period, increased over $900 million per year, reaching $1 billion in profits. Gambling experts suggest that the majority of games have lost popularity, but online gambling operators continue to provide new games and multiple versions of old ones.  Likewise, this ample selection of games attracts players from all over the world to bet in traditional games of live roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Legal Issues

Mostly anyone with Internet access can bet online as the world’s gambling market continues to grow. Most players are attracted to the easy-access that online gambling websites provide. The ability to play from home, it’s one of the top advantages mentioned by players to choose live casinos over land-based ones.

However, it is important to note that online casinos are considered illegal in Australia. Australians can play casino games available online, but it is not legal for websites to offer casino games to Australian players. Even though it’s illegal for casinos to provide online access to Australian players, many casino operators disregard Australian laws since they do not operate in Australia and apparently do not worry about local charges.

As long as Australian players meet the casinos' minimum requirements, like adult age and a valid credit card, online games will be available unless regulations change.  Maybe stricter enforcement of Australian laws will occur since online profits have increased in the region.