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1996 was a great year for the gaming community.  And the names Barbuda and Antigua mean tons to Internet players.  It was in 1996 that the premier live casino began and opened its operations.  Within only that year, after the initial casino was placed on the Web, Internet casinos became very famous.  There was no doubt as to whether this was feasible or possible.  There was also no trouble in obtaining and Internet following.  As the planet remained in moving slowly to a web-based community, it was assured that gambling would soon go into the Web World too.


Once the premier live online casino successfully attacked the Web, it was an uphill growth from there for the Internet casino idea.  Many other casino providers followed its steps.  Now, gamblers can play their favorite casino games anywhere and anytime.  But, the uphill growth of the Internet casino idea was not obstacle free.  Many obstacles were met by the Internet gambling’s advocates.  Many governments had various reactions to Internet gambling, and its legality was challenged.  The laws for gambling were checked, and laws based on Internet gambling were created.  Since Internet gambling was thought to increase the gambling rates of players, various governments were face with the decision to allow it or not.  The legal concerns of Internet gambling caused many court battles, and campaigns to make it illegal.  Various government officials talked to wire transfer companies and credit card companies to try and block the deposits from the players.


Even though, gambling has existed for a long time, it was not a fast transfer to the Internet.  This was due to the gambling’s community decision to wait until there were sufficient Internet users to maintain their casino business.  Even when various players were already utilizing the Web, there were still various problems to be overcome.  The way of Internet gambling towards the Web, however, was set with the creation of Microgaming, the gaming company, upon which the Internet casino idea was based.  With an available casino program, it was only a matter of creating a website to bring players to it.  Also, the business that involves deposits still had to be studied, since it had money concerns.  This problem, however, was resolved with the business of Cryptologic, which allowed Internet transactions.  When banks accepted the Internet transactions, online gambling of live poker, live sic bo, live baccarat, live blackjack, and live roulette were ready for the World Wide Web.


As various other live casinos arrived at the Web, they immediately began competing against each other.  This competition started the various bonuses and promotions offered to the gamblers, and these made the sites more enticing to more players to play on the Internet, which made the Internet casinos a bigger phenomenon.  Despite various problems that surrounded it, Internet gambling was available to succeed.  It is doing very well too.   Despite every changing law that regulates online casino conditions in certain countries, there are always countries and places available to enjoy and provide this kind of great entertainment.  Just go online and log on to a live casino online website today.