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Methods that Gamblers Use to Cheat at Live Casino Games

No one questions that gambling is big business. U.S. casinos took in over 62 billion dollars last year alone, based on research done by Spectrum Gaming Group, a services company. However, not everything is good news in the casino business as cheating has taken a huge toll on live casino online profits. It is estimated that casinos lose millions of dollars on a yearly basis to cheaters.

To avoid these staggering losses, live casinos are currently relying on technological advances to protect themselves from the many scammers that try to cheat their ways to victory. On the other hand, cheaters use old tricks and advanced technological devices to get money at casinos. If caught, cheaters face fines and jail time based on the local laws. For example, Nevada has several laws against cheaters such as up to six years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

The main question is-what are the ways to cheat casinos? Here are some cheating techniques that are commonly used at land based and live casinos in games of live roulette, live blackjack, live poker, and slot machines, amongst others.

Fake Shuffle

Cheaters need the assistance of a casino dealer to pull this off. Dealers use fake shuffles to create the appearance of regular card shuffles. Fake shuffles leave certain cards in pre-determined locations in the card deck. This allows cheaters to recognize when to place bets by tracking unshuffled cards.

This fake shuffle technique was greatly used by an organization called Tran. The Tran players would visit casinos all over America to make millions of dollars with fake shuffle techniques in blackjack and baccarat games. The Tran were eventually dismantled with over 40 players accused of casino cheating charges.

Roulette Past Betting

Past betting in roulette has been used for centuries due to its simplicity. Cheaters just have to position chips in the location of the number unto which the roulette ball has fallen. In addition, cheaters will usually use another player to distract dealers while positioning the chips after the ball has landed. Players will work in unison to cover chips placed after no more bets were allowed.

Baccarat Cheat with a Hidden Camera

Cheaters must place a hidden camera in their sleeves for this technique to work. When players cut the card deck, the hidden camera would record the cards while an accomplice looks and sends information back to the cheating gambler via miniature earpieces. This hidden camera technique can be used with other card games like live blackjack and live poker.

Switching Cards

Switching cards has been used for years with simple hand tricks. However, the switching card technique has evolved to use hidden special devices. Cheaters use these special devices to hide cards in their sleeves to place on the table while valid cards are removed and hidden from the game.

Bill Validator Devices for Slot Machines

Cheating techniques have become more sophisticated as slot machines have become more advanced. When old coin slot games were used, cheaters would simply place a string on the live casino coin to prevent it from falling into the machine. New cheating techniques for slot games deal with miniature computers that confuse the bill validator. For example, cheaters would have the slot game’s bill validator think that a $100 bill is being used instead of a $1 bill with this device.

Land based and live casinos are constantly upgrading their security devices to catch players that try to cheat. Many laws have been made to curb the rising tactics that cheaters employ at various casinos. Who knows how many other cheating techniques are used at casinos worldwide for games of live roulette online, live blackjack, and live poker? We will only know if cheaters using new techniques are caught red handed.