Live Casino-France

     Unibet Returns to the French Casino Market 
January 29th, 2013

The French live casino industry has witnessed many ups and downs, in the last couple of years, due to government regulations. As such, ARJEL, France’s gambling regulator, has been enforcing strict laws in the casino industry that cause gambling operators to spend a lot of money to obtain a license.

Some casino operators were able to resolve their issues with ARJEL, while others move out of the French gambling market, searching for nations that were more profitable and live casino-friendly. On the other hand, casino operators like Unibet, decided to stay in France after securing gambling licenses provided by ARJEL.

Unibet decided to stay in France after purchasing the Solfive Group, which provided them with the domain name and a chance to get a French license. With the proper gambling licenses acquired, Unibet was able to offer horse racing, poker matches, and sports wagering-all being regulated by the French gambling authority. Unibet decided to stay in this market, even though the taxes to obtain a French license were extremely high. 

Solfive Group had previously withdrawn from the French gambling market due to low profitability. However, this cleared the way for Unibet’s return to France, aiming to profit in the heavy regulated French live casino market. Nowadays, Unibet is exercising caution as France has very strict live casino online laws. These strict laws forced Unibet to leave websites such as Eurosportpoker and Eurosportbet in order to maintain its French licenses. These two websites had been obtained by Solfive twelve months before the Unibet acquisition.

It is important to know that most gambling operators left the French online gambling market. Companies like Intralot, left the French gambling market after ARJEL processed their petition to void a sports wagering permit that still had four years before it expired.  Intralot requested this license withdrawal due to the large payouts needed to lure players into their Greek headquarters. This license was given for five years with an extension option, but Intralot decided against it. If Unibet can make it in the French gambling market, it would be great for players in France and visitors alike!