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              Gambling is Quietly Growing
April 5th, 2012

The majority of players haven’t noticed that live casino online gambling has been growing quietly with gamblers placing bets on smartphones even. Nowadays, players enjoy games while on their computers or on the move, be it from work or home and more than ever before. Players are visiting sites to enjoy live casino games, bet on certain sports, and to play poker without any fees or house rules.

Just in 2011, the online gambling industry made about $357 million US with $312 million US made in 2010, and $271 million US made in 2009. This clearly illustrates that the online gambling industry’s growth rate has been steady and quietly expanding at fifteen percent per yearly basis. The numbers come from the (GBGC) British Global Gaming and Betting Consultant group which obtains the numbers for the planet’s gambling industry. It was also estimated that illegal casinos, just in Great Britain, made about $110 million US in 2011.

The truth is that some live casinos don't occur in a physical location, which is why it is harder to place social security and safeguards efficiently. Some popular betting sites in Great Britain are Ladbrokers and Betfari where gamblers log into their accounts with the use of credit cards to make wagers on poker, live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, sports, live sic bo, and horses.

Certain watchdogs for the industry consider that various unlicensed websites allow gamblers to join without any credit card deduction authorization or cash plans. This is how it’s set up: local bookies allow the gambler who is sent to them from a trusted contact with a free code or credit for the site where the bets may be placed. Then, loses or wins are paid on a personal basis via a bank wire transfer or a bookie in a matter of days. If the payment is not completed, the bookie will hassle the player for the money or takes the gambler to a loan shark.

So, live gambling fans should know unto which online casino site they are playing to know that all payments will be made to them. Players should search for gambling forums to learn from other online players about their desired live online casino.