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Playing in an online live casino may be scary to a new player, even more so if the player has not played in one before or if the player has only played in an online casino that has only software based games. If the gambler has installed the software already to play the casino games like live poker, live roulette, live blackjack, live sic bo, and live baccarat, then, the live casino experience is a whole different level of gambling.  Not being capable to react to the live feed version may have the player lose money if there is any discomfort.


One of the good aspects of playing in a live casino is the friendly nature of them for new players.  This is seen especially in the biggest online casinos that have a name in the gambling business and are set on keeping their reputation and name among players by providing a little back to them in various ways.


Live casinos may provide the players with extras by giving free playing lessons on the many live casino games that they have.  So, if a player is new to a live casino game, the player may get some free game lessons that are provided by experienced instructors.  These game lessons are provided at their house, even though many casinos place live casino online schools as a given to their service.


If you are a new player to certain live online casino games, you definitely should make use of the free game lessons.  These lessons provide instructions on the way the casino games are played with game strategies included being advanced and basic for you to utilize to conquer the casino games.  Various casino instructors provide their students with advantages that work and notify of the house edge.


The information about the teachers lecturing on the house edge may seem too useful to the player, but live casinos do want that.  It is their honesty and legitimacy policy.  The live casinos would get a bad reputation if they told their instructors to give free game lessons to show their players tricks that would only serve the house edge and not the players.  Eventually, these players would find out the truth with all the available information on various online forums and sites.  The live casinos do not lose anything, but gain a lot by providing players with free game lessons to attain a higher honesty and reputation level.


What do you have to gain from online casinos that provide free game lessons on the way to play certain of their desired games?  As mentioned above, you may learn the regulations and simple rules of the casino game, as well as advanced and basic strategies.  But, even more than this, you will get the confidence needed to go against live players when enjoying a live casino game.


Now, if you are afraid to enjoy a game in live casinos just because you are new to it and do not want to get embarrassed, make use of the free game lessons available.  This will definitely aid you a lot to win games and have a more enjoyable gaming experience.