Live Casino Strategy

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 Play at a Casino with Live Dealers 

Enjoying a website with live dealers may be awkward initially if a player has only played in a brick and mortar casino.  The playing awkwardness of this kind of game setting may initially create discomfort for the player, and this feeling may greatly affect the live casino game.


So, how could a gambler have a great time at a live casino online and win some cash without the awkwardness from being a new player? Here are some pointers:


Never hesitate to mention to the croupier that you are new playing this type of live online casino game setting.  The croupier will be very willing to assist you in the game’s rules and to help you feel comfortable in case that you require it.


Talk about your game actions.  If you have decided to do a bet raise, check or call, just mention it.  If you have decided to take a hit or to stand, say it.


This is a clear  sign to the other players in the live casino game that you do not only utilize the clicking options provided by the game’s software and that you know how to face the casino table by being proactive with your moves.  If you mention your moves clearly at the casino table, the croupier will know your game intentions and not confuse them with another move, even more so, at a pivotal part of the casino game.


Do not stop the casino game. When you enjoy a game of live poker, live roulette, live baccarat, live sic bo, or live blackjack it is different than playing a game from a casino online since you do not have the same amount of time to choose your options.  You do not have ample time to select your moves in a live casino with live dealers.  If you stall the game and do not make your move, you will annoy the other gamblers, and the casino dealer will mention that you must make a choice right away.  This could be embarrassing to anyone and it will make it more difficult to win the game.


Attempt to engage in some casual conversation with other players.  After all, casinos live games are social entertainment too.  Do not focus only in the game or you will not enjoy all the fun that it provides.  Start some chat during game play; but, do not talk too much either, since the other players may consider this to be distracting and ultimately annoying.


Whenever you are able, give a tip to the dealer.  An online casino job is no easy matter, and the dealers do not get paid a lot.  You can tip the dealer in the same way that a waiter is tipped, since the dealer is also providing a service to you.  It is your way of mentioning to the dealer “I appreciate your help in making an enjoyable game.”


Enjoying live casinos may be intimidating at first, but, you will find out that it provides thrills right away.