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How to Play a Live Roulette Casino Game

If you have enjoyed a live roulette online game, you will say that the result of the live casino game is entirely left to luck like in live blackjack, live sic bo, live poker, and live baccarat.  Live roulette is one of the most famous games in the world, and even on the Internet.  This is perhaps due to how easy it is to play live roulette, taken into account that you only need to select a slot and hope to get lucky.


The five major ingredients of a roulette casino game are the roulette table, the wheel, the marquee, the ball, and the croupier.  The roulette wheel is the great aspect of the live casino roulette game.  Around the table, on the wheel, there are thirty eight or thirty seven, according on whether it is the European or American roulette version, numbered spaces in two random different colors.  It is in these denominations that you will make your wagers and test your luck.


To play, you just need to purchase chips from the croupier.  These chips will offer you an opportunity to wager on a numbered space.  The croupier will then ask you to make your wagers.  Making your wager is not just an easy matter.  Obviously, there’s no saying which colored and numbered space the ball falls on, so you would have to begin with a guess.  The quantity of the wager you make is based on you.  You may select to wager just one chip, or you may wager more.  In live roulette casino, there is what is named a table limit, which determines the top number of chips you may wager.


Once each gambler has made their wagers, the croupier will then have the wheel spun.  The moment the croupier rolls the ball into the wheel that spins, you may begin to cross your fingers.  This is the game’s climax.  As the ball keeps on moving, propelled by the roulette wheel that spins, the gamblers playing around the table are holding their breath in suspense and anticipation.  You may still make your wager or change it, even while the roulette ball is rolling until the croupier says that no more wagers should be made.


After the ball lands and stops on a determined space on the roulette table, the winning color and number combination of the space will be displayed on an electronic scoreboard or roulette marquee.  This is also called by the croupier.  The announcement will tell of the number that played, plus its color, and whether the number is an even or odd number.


The croupier will label the winning number as she or he withdraws the unsuccessful wagers.  It is at this moment that winning wagers get their wins.  After all the winning wagers are paid off, the croupier will withdraw the dolly or the marker on the winning number.  The moment the marker is withdrawn, the gamblers can commence making new wagers on the roulette table.  You may select to continue playing, or you may select to leave while on live casinos.  Before leaving, remember to cash in your live online casino chips.