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 How to Wager in Live Roulette 

In any live casino game, how you wager is the primary decider of whether you lose or win.  This is true for live roulette, live blackjack, live sic bo, live baccarat, and live poker.  In live roulette the luck rests on where the ball will land. This is why it is very important to know the different types of wagers allowed.  This will aid in weighting in the options to position the best wagers, which are the ones with the best chance of a big payout.


In online roulette, there are various methods to bet.  Every bet type has its own payout ratio.  You may also wager any amount that you are able to risk.  But, it is not simply a system to place your chips anywhere on the table.  It is not a system to wager on every single betting option among the 38 or 37 slots available.  Wagering on just one slot, or a single color and number combination named straight up bet or straight bet, is just the beginning.  There are various bets that you may perform, but, you must know first the basic live roulette online table’s layout.


The layout for betting has 38 or 37 spaces, in random white and black, each with a number.  Next to the columns and rows of number and underneath it, there are various lines that represent other amounts too.


The primary category is to know the locations available to bet.  If you wager on a space among the 38 or 37 available ones, you positioned a bet on the inside.  But, if you wager on the spaces located below or to the right of the basic columns and rows for betting, you positioned a bet on the outside.  This is not everything.  Your wagers may also be in different slot numbers. 

As mentioned previously, a straight up bet is a wager done on just one number.  A straight up bet, also named a classic bet, is perhaps the most basic bet, but the most difficult to win.   It is also the most pursuit type of bet in live roulette casino games.  This is due to the single slot representing the exact result of the game for you.  It is a lot to wager on a single slot, but, it does have a payout ratio of thirty five to one.  This is what makes the single slot bet so famous amongst players.


Other than the outright straight up bet, you may also position another, safer wager called the split bet. This type of bet is done when a wager is done on two adjacent numbers.  The split bet has a payout rate of seventeen to one.  You may position a split bet by positioning a chip between two adjacent numbers.  You may also place an extra number to a split bet, called a street bet, by placing it in three numbers which are adjacent.  The payout ratio for a street bet is eleven to one. 

You may also position wagers on four adjacent numbers.  This is named a square or corner bet.  The payout for a corner bet is eight to one.  You may even wager on five adjacent numbers.  This only applies to a wager on the numbers 3, 2, 1, 00, and 0 in the live casino roulette with the American version.  This type of bet pays six to one.  You may bet on a dozen numbers too, like the final 12, middle 12, or initial 12 numbers available on the table’s layout.


Other than these bets, there are other two bet categories.  One is the value, and the other is the color.  Based on its value, you may wager on every single even number, or on every single odd number.  Based on its color, you may position a wager on every single number found in a black-colored space, or on every single number in a red-colored space.  This is to mention that you are wagering that the white ball will fall on any black, red, even or odd numbered space.  You may also position a low and high bet, meaning to the numbers 1 through 18 and 19 through 36.


With this kind of bets, you will definitely know why roulette is a not so simple game.  Play live roulette at a live casino online to understand the reason for the game to be so popular.