Live Roulette-European Version

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European Roulette at a Casino

Live roulette is a very popular game, and similar to other famous live casino games like live poker, live blackjack, live sic bo, and live baccarat. The gambling industry has utilized the potential of the Internet and streaming video by making many live casino online games.  Some of these popular games are the live roulette online versions of  American and European roulette.

Live Casino Roulette Facts

Not only is roulette available as a live online casino game with streaming video, it has two main versions for players to enjoy in an American or European way.  But, amongst the two, the European game is the preferred version.   To know why, it is imperative to understand how the European game works.

Roulette started in France, with the name signifying “a small wheel” in the French language.  In its early days, the game was enjoyed with just thirty six slots since there were no zeros used.  But, as the roulette game became more famous, the casino businesses had to face a profit issue since players were creating methods to win at it. Gambling locations were starting to lose money at their games.  And this is how the European roulette game was conceived.

Casinos trying to maintain their businesses afloat from the great quantity of players that were winning in the roulette game, had an extra zero added to it.  Other than the thirty six slots, players were then able to bet on a zero slot.  The additional zero increases the excitement and challenge for the players, and the game became even more famous.  The casinos themselves were finally able to profit from the game. 

The extra zero made it into what is now known as the European version of the game, versus the classic and the American versions.  But, the classic game is now long gone.  Every one of the roulette games that are played today are either the American or European types.  The American type has two number zeros. And, with the zeros giving an extra edge to the casino, the American version gives the house even more profit.

The American roulette game is more challenging due to its higher house edge; so, one of the greatest known tips in relation to enjoying this game is play live roulette with the European version instead of the American one.

The American type is not recommended, and the European one is the main type of live roulette game that seasoned gamblers prefer.  But, if you are a seasoned live roulette casino player, there is nothing wrong with testing both versions to check for the differences on your own.  And with special online casino promotions of free roulette games, you may play with both versions without the risks of losing money before you play with real funds.

Even with casinos having an extra zero on the roulette game to lower the gambler’s odds to win, it has still become one of the greatest and most loved games available. Today, roulette is one of the most played games at live casinos.