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 What is a Live Roulette Game?

Roulette is a popular casino game that goes back to the 1600’s.  The concept for this game was started by a mathematician. In fact, the name roulette is a French word that signifies “small wheel.” As the name says, the roulette casino game deals with a wheel.


Roulette is a very famous game amongst the brick and mortar casinos.  No one doubted that it would be brought over to online casinos.  As live casinos entered the online arena, live roulette became an intricate part of its transition.  Now, players may easily access live online games, at any moment, in their own home’s comfort like games.


The online roulette version of the game is similar to the actual roulette game.  The online game is only different in the way that it is played since this is done via the player’s computer via technology that uses a webcam.  The live feed will have an actual wheel too.  The live roulette casino’s wheel comes with thirty-eight slots or thirty-seven slots, each assigned a number that goes from zero to thirty-six.  These slots are black and red in colors, but do not have a set numerical pattern or pattern based by the color.


There are many types of games to play live roulette.  The European version has only thirty-seven slots with the final one being a number 0 which has a green color.  The American version has thirty-eight slots with the final two slots having a green color. These final slots have the numbers 00 and 0.  There is even California roulette since in California all casinos have games that deal with cards.  To accommodate the cards into the game of roulette, the so-called California roulette has a thirty-seven deck of cards and thirty-six slots.  The game’s result is based on the cards.


The Internet kind, however, can have any of the various types of games for roulette.  The important thing is that live casino roulette is enjoyed via a live feed.  Regardless of being online, live roulette provides all the thrills of an actual roulette game.


The live roulette game has all the experience that goes with its “live” name.  The live roulette offered by certain of the most famous live casinos like VegasRed and DublinBet are real games that all players can enter to play.  Just like games of live blackjack, live sic bo, live baccarat, and live poker. When we mention live, we refer to the ability to enjoy a game with real dealers and players. 

As you enjoy the roulette game in your computer, you are able to watch the croupier and even listen to the sounds of the ball rolling and the wheel spinning.  As the roulette game continues, the video feed is able to be moved to display other gamblers virtually positioned on your table.  As you look on, you will notice that the game’s results are based on an actual and real game.  The results are actual and real without a doubt since they are not created by a computer or machine.  You will be playing in a real game and you won’t see the difference.


The delights of live and online casinos with the thrills of roulette equal an entertaining game that any player would love.


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