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     French Invention

April 29th, 2012

Live roulette was invented back in the 1600s in France, becoming now one of the most famous gambling games for live casinos. Anyone that gambles in roulette likes to play it often. In Europe, Monte Carlo is a popular casino to play roulette.

Live roulette can be played in a single table with eight players. However, this changes from live casino to casino. All players are matched against the dealer or the house. The real dealer is the game’s host that handles bets and spins the wheels. Live dealers are able to take bets and perform payouts to winning players. Roulette has two main versions at the moment. There is a roulette version for European customers with a 37 spots wheel. On the other hand, American players get a roulette wheel with an extra spot, totaling 38. The American wheel has one extra zero, totaling two zeroes in comparison with the European’s version of just one.

Furthermore, all players have to purchase different colored chips so that each player gets a unique color that is easily tracked for the bets which are placed on the table. Players exchange the color chips for cash ones, if a win is achieved. Cash chips, which come in colors also, have the real value printed on them to be exchanged for money at the real casino’s cashier. In addition, cash chips colors are based on the denomination that they represent.

Live roulette starts by positioning chips on any desired number on the table layout. Players may position one or more chips on the roulette layout for the croupier to know the bets that all players have done. After players have gotten the opportunity to place their bets, the dealer will yell “no more bets,” spinning the wheel with a white ball in it. No more bets can be placed at this time. Once the white ball stops and lands on a spot, players that selected the respective number or combination unto which the ball fell get paid. The betting starts all over again, after the ball stops, for all players to test their lucks once more.

There are many odds for the live roulette online game. The UK casino version has a live casino online advantage of only 2.70%. The American version of the game has a greater live online casino advantage of 5.26%. Odds not only determine the chances for players to win, but the amount of payout that is received for all kinds of bets too. Casinos always have a slight advantage to be able to keep in business. Live roulette does have better advantages than games of live sic bo, live baccarat, live blackjack, and live poker, amongst others though.