Live Roulette Enjoyment

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 How to Enjoy Live Roulette 

With live roulette is a famous game available at a live casino, a gambler might consider that the regulations for playing the game have changed for the live version of the game.  The truth is that the regulations for roulette have not changed for its live version.  As a matter of fact, the live version of the game is the closest roulette game that anyone can play other than going to a brick and mortar casino. This is the same for all live games like live blackjack, live sic bo, live baccarat, and live poker which bring the closest available live casino experience to your home without having to travel to an actual casino.


For those players that are unfamiliar with the simple rules for roulette, there is no reason to fear playing a live roulette online game.  Roulette is a basic game, no matter the available game format.  There is a croupier, also named dealer in certain live casinos, who handles the table in a live roulette casino game.  The table for roulette has a diagram displaying the positions available to place bets with the wheel on one end.  The roulette wheel has either thirty eight or thirty seven numbers based on the type of wheel for roulette that it is.  The roulette in the European version has digits going from thirty-six to zero, while the live casino roulette in the American version has digits going from thirty-six to a double zero and a single zero.  These digits are placed on the roulette wheel with slots that alternate in black and red colors.


In the roulette wheel, we find a white ball used to play the game.  The player only has to guess at the number unto which the white ball will land and place a bet accordingly.  If a correct guess is attained, the player will get winnings based on the pay ratio for that bet which could be as high as thirty five times the amount of the bet.  If the wrong guess is made, the player will lose the bet.


There are a couple of common bets that a gambler may position to play live roulette.  These are called the outside and inside bets.  The inside wager is a wager positioned on a specific number or a set pattern of numbers according to their location on the wheel. The pay ratio for bets placed on the inside is thirty five to one.  Bets placed on the outside have a pay ratio of one to one only.  Bets on the outside may deal with the white ball falling on an odd or even digit; a red or black slot; the greater eighteen or lower eighteen numbers; or even on the third, second, or first dozens.  The outside bets for the dozen number placement pay on a ratio of three to one.


To play roulette at a live casino online, you must have great timing similar to playing in a brick and mortar casino.  Bets should be positioned before the dealer spins the roulette wheel.  When the croupier screams “No More Bets Allowed,” no extra wagers can be positioned on the roulette table.


There are various online sources that claim a sure proof way to win games in live roulette.  But, regardless of what anyone may claim, there is just one certain method to make money from playing roulette and this is done by simply placing always just outside bets.