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Slot games are thrilling online casino games that all players can access at Dublin Bet UK Casino. In this live casino, you may play slot games in various ways.  We chose to play the five reels with nine lines type of slot machines that would enable us to wager in various ways and try our luck.  We selected the slot machine game called “Luck of the Irish” and we were excited immediately by the great looking game’s layout.  There were nine lines with five reels, so we had many opportunities to bet.  The live casino online game has a cool Irish theme and the game’s symbols on the game’s reels had items like leprechauns, gold coins, rainbows, pots of gold, and tons more!


The casino game is played like other online slot machines where you just have to select the quantity of game lines that you will bet on and then you press on the spin icon and the game reel spins.  We chose to place ten spins, wagering the maximum allowed.  When you wager the maximum allowed you have to pay a total amount of money of $45 for every game spin.  We played for ten times with a grand total of $450 bet and we got a winning number of $90.  In the ten game spins that we played, we got at least $15 on half of our spins, which was awesome! The online casino game enables players to place the game spins on a repeat sequence, which enables for the casino game to be reset in order to have the spins done faster, obtaining the greatest number of spins in the shortest quantity of time.


Once we wagered the maximum of ten game spins, we chose to look at what the result would have been if we had wagered on five game lines for twenty spins.  So, we played the game reels for twenty times for a total of $500 bet and when our game time was over we got $160 extra, which made it a very fun time to play!  This is really a thrilling casino game, even though, there are no large quantities of money to be made, but, it left us with the desire to play more slot machine games!


Slot machine games are thrilling games and Dublin Bet Live Online Casino make the games even more exciting with a format that is realistic and simple to utilize, with great colors, and with astounding sound effects that have the player 100% engaged with the game.  If you want to have a casino experience you may select to hit the icon every time that you spin, or you may just position the game on the setting for repeat and look at how many game spins you may obtain in the short time.  If you can’t play for long, but, would still like to enjoy the game, the option to repeat the spin is the method to use and really makes the casino game a fun action time! Dublin Bet also offers games of live roulette, live sic bo, live blackjack, live poker, and live baccarat for players to have access to a full gambling experience.