Live Casino Medieval Mayhem Game

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When you go to Dublinbet live casino there is a wide selection for live and online casino games to enjoy like live roulette, live blackjack, live sic bo, live baccarat, live poker, and slots.  Slot games are some of the most famous casino choices of today since you do not have to comprehend cards and you really don’t have to know a lot.  You may even get some money in the process! The classical slot machine game of Medieval Mayhem has three reels with a great option of having five game pay lines.  The game’s theme is medieval, so the game graphics and the game sound effects are fitting, and exciting!


We decided to play this online casino game in various ways to check what type of results we obtain.  The initial moment that we played, we chose to bet the maximum number of lines, which are five.  What this signifies is that we paid twenty five dollars per game spin.  We were lucky on our initial three game spins, getting $20, $75, and $80.  On our following game spins we did not win anything.  And after playing with twenty five dollars on the five game spins we finished the game with a cool $100, not bad for only four minutes of play with slot machine games in front of the computer!


Just to check what our chances were, we chose to wager on three game lines on the next round.  Wagering on three game lines signified that every game spin had a cost of $15.  On our initial game spin we did not get money, but on our second game spin we got $10 and on our third game spin we got $10 again.  Our final two game spins were more profitable since we got $20 on each game spin.  In total we got $60 on the slot game after betting $85, so in the end; we got from three game lines wagers $15 less than when we began playing.


Even without getting a lot of money, when we stopped playing, we made a total of ten game spins with a $40 win.  This is very good for playing less than ten minutes on the live casino site.  These chances are not bad, as a matter of fact, it is definitely worth it to play an extra ten minutes of ten game spins to try and get better or lucky again!  The game’s sound effects, overall layout, and graphics of Medieval Mayhem make for a great online casino experience for any player that wants to play it online.


The good aspect in regards to Dublinbet live casino online is the non ending action for slot games and that you can play on any of the wide selection of games available at any time.  Even if you only want to play on the three game reels, you get a lot of options to select from.  This is the kind of atmosphere for gaming purposes that seasoned casino gamblers want, the kind of action that the new players should get, and an outstanding start for first time slot players.  Certainly, the casino site caters to all kinds of players, but, in regards to slots, there is a great variety of games to choose from!