Live Casino Ocean Treasure Game

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Three Reel Game of Underwater Fun

Slot machine games are great fun and are one of the games that are played the most on about all casino sites, just like the land based casinos. We were determined to check the slot games available in Dublin Bet Live Casino in our review.  Three game reel machines are the most famous games, being named classic slots machines, and this is the reason that we determined to try the slot machine game of Ocean Treasures provided by Dublin Bet.  At the time that we chose this great game, we were happy by what we saw since it was colorful, bright, and just looked like tons of fun.  The slot game has three reels, five lines and a motif that is clearly underwater.


The slot game was simple to utilize having all the betting instructions on the lower portion of the online casino page.  You may select the number of game lines you want to wager and then, you may press on the game’s spin icon and test your luck.  If you like to place your bets on the same manner on every spin you just have to press the repeat icon which enables all of your bets to be done in the way that you had been doing without pressing on the game’s spin icon over and over again.  This is the way for you to obtain the maximum amount of spins in the fewer times since no one wants to spend the entire time just selecting or clicking the quantity of lines that they want to wager on.


To begin the game, we chose to play a total of ten times.  Every bet that we did was for $50 for a total of $500 for the entire ten spins.  Out of the ten spins, we got money four times with a total win of $300, so we got back $200 of what we set ourselves to spend on the live casino online game.  If we had kept on playing the live online casino game, we more than likely would have made money, but since the game is based on luck, we could have also lost some money.


We later chose to wager on three lines and not the whole five lines.  Every game spin has a price of $30, so we spent $300 for the entire ten spins.  Out of the ten spins, we got money five times for a total of $350, getting $50 extra to bring home, being awesome to accomplish in only ten game spins! It would seem that the odds are improved by betting on more lines, based on our personal experience, but, we made more money by playing with lesser lines!


This was a great and fun slot game to enjoy and we would definitely play it again.  The sound effects, the graphics, and the classic action was just like playing at a land based casino, and this is the main reason why this game is great to be played.  Just a well rounded slot game, both for seasoned or amateur players that play games like live roulette and live blackjack at Dublin Bet.