Live Casino War Game

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Guide for DublinBet Live Casino 

Searching for an excellent simple game to enjoy with lots of fun, and almost no time consuming?  If this is the case, you should look for the online casino game called Casino War.  This game is one of the easiest card games to enjoy.  If you have played this game before or if you have enjoyed other card games where the player holding the highest hand wins, you will definitely like this game.


Enjoying Casino War


The Casino War game, at a live casino, uses six card decks.  These game cards have values similar to live poker games.  In a Casino War game, players make bets to get cards.  If a gambler’s card is greater than the dealer's, then the player wins.  If there is a tie, which doesn't happen often, the gambler has two options.  The options in a game tie are to go to war or surrender. Surrender forfeits half of the initial bet’s value.


If a gambler chooses to go to war, the initial bet must be doubled.  After the bet is doubled, the live dealer burns three cards from the deck to deal an extra card to each competing hand.  Furthermore, the two extra cards are flipped. The hand with the highest valued card wins the round and the money wagered. Players also have the option to place a tie bet, which pays on a ratio of ten to one if there are two consecutive ties.


This game is readily accessible at Dublin Bet live casino online.  After the game is downloaded, a bet is required to start the action.  To place bets, players have to position their mouse above the table’s chip image that represents the quantity of the desired bet.  At this instance, players have to let go of the mouse’s left button to position the chip in the desired bet location.  To withdraw a wager, players just have to do the same, but in reverse.

Many players like the Casino War game because of it's simplicity, which provides tons of fun. Some players learned how to play this game at an early age, since it was a popular game to play at home. If you have not played it recently, log into a live casino account to enjoyed it once more and possibly win some money. Look at the wide selection of games being offered at live dealer casinos like live roulette and live blackjack for continuous fun.