Live Roulette Online Bets

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 Types of Bets in Live Roulette 

Players hear many things about the live roulette online game, but until you play the game you will be able to actually begin to understand what certain of the terms for betting mean.  Being a new player to live roulette online may cause an intimidating feeling with all the bet names and ways to place them.  Luckily, live roulette online is just an easy game that anyone can play.  The game is all about betting, even though it is based on luck too.  So if you are not lucky you might lose all your money.  This is similar to other live casino online games of live blackjack, live poker, and slot games.


Bets for Live Roulette Online: Terms Used


1. Straight: When you hear this term it means that you are betting on a single digit.  When you place your live casino online chip in a straight bet, it will be located on the center of exactly a square with a number.  You could hear also about a split bet, being a bet positioned on two adjacent numbers.  These adjacent numbers on a split bet may be either horizontal or vertical with the live casino online chip being positioned between the two adjacent numbers.


2. Street: This wager is the kind that has the gambler wagering on three digits positioned in a line that goes horizontally.  When you wager a street bet you need to position your live casino online chip on the corner of the number of the line that is positioned to the end.  It sounds convoluted, but, when you look at the layout for the live roulette online table it will be clear.


3. Square or Corner: This refers to placing your bet on four digits located in a square, like 1, 2, 3 and 5.  When you place a square or corner bet you have to position your live online casino chip at the vertical or horizontal line joint.


4. Inside: The sixline bet is the last of the bets on the inside that we will cover.  This kind of bet deals with placing a bet on two street positions that meet.  When you wager like this you have to position your chip at the joint of the streets.


5. Outside: These are group wagers, even money bets, and column wagers. A bet that is even money is done for eighteen numbers.  You have to position your chip in the box that corresponds like red, black, high, low, odd or even.  Group wagers are done on a group of digits located on the third, second, or first sets.  A column wager is when a bet is placed on every single one of the twelve numbers found in any of the layout’s three vertical lines for live roulette online.  When you wager this way you have to position the live casino online chip underneath the last number string.


As we have mentioned, there are various kinds of bets to select from.  You may play around to find which bet type suits you best at live casinos.  Certain players like to create techniques that involve only wagering on set corners, numbers, columns, or lines.  It is just based on what you feel comfortable with.  If you are new to the game you do not have to learn all the betting options right away.  Just keep everything simple by trying the bet types and finding out which is more to your liking.