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The Internet payment method of PaySafeCard is based in Vienna, Austria. This is an electronic payment method that has existed since the year 2000. This Internet payment method is utilized by few nations in Europe for online payments at some online gaming businesses and merchants. Some of the nations that utilize this Internet payment method are Austria, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and other member nations of the European Union.

How To Register

Unlike other Internet payment choices that are at the disposal of European users, the PaySafeCard method doesn’t need people to do an online registration or provide personal information in order to make purchases with this method at a live casino online. The PaySafeCard is really a prepaid card method that enables members to place purchases, play live casino online games of live poker, live roulette, live blackjack, and slot games.

The PaySafeCard method allows members to purchase goods and services by turning money into virtual cash via this prepaid card available at authorized vendors. The denominations for the PaySafeCard units are available in the lowest amount of ten British pounds to a maximum of seventy five British pounds for members in the United Kingdom. According to the place from which a person obtains the PaySafeCard, the member could be given a sixteen digits code card that would be used for online purchases or a receipt with sixteen digits code to play live casino online games of live roulette, live poker, slot games, and live blackjack.

PaySafeCard Purchasing

To purchase items with the use of the PaySafeCard, like slot games, live poker, live roulette, live blackjack, lottery tickets, among others in a live casino online is easy and quick. All you need to do after you acquired the PaySafeCard from an authorized vendor is to input the pin for the card at the moment that you are asked to. You will have the choice to place your PaySafeCard deals under security with your password, and you may pay for higher quantities with the utilization of multiple PaySafeCards by adding the pin digits for every card until you get to the quantity that you wanted your personal PaySafeCard account to get.

The number of cards that you may encode is ten, and you may decide to mix these with the codes button to combine that is located on the page for card input at the PaySafeCard site. The total quantity that you may get in a personal PaySafeCard is one thousand Euros, and you may utilize the remainder quantities whenever you require using, since there is no limit of time for the storage of the online credits.

You may also utilize your PaySafeCard to pay for online transactions in other nations’ currencies with the utilization of a converter for currencies that the business has placed for its members. If you are performing an Internet purchase or a payment with the utilization of your personal PaySafeCard, and you are requested to pay for a specific currency other than the purchased one, the converter of currency will assist you in paying the quantity you require by changing your credits to the wanted currency that it needs for the transaction.

You may pay for services with the utilization of one or various PaySafeCards on the Internet like paying for Jajah and Skype Mobile utilization, SkyEurope flights, Sportsbooks betting, live online casino games, live roulette, live blackjack, live poker, slot games, and many other activities of bookmaking where you may win actual money with your personal PaySafeCard wagers. You may contact the customer agents of PaySafeCards by contacting their international telephone at +44 (0)203-326-7014 or by reaching their United Kingdom telephone number at 0845 02-13-059. You may also send an e-mail for questions at info@paysafecard. You may also send a query by filling the form on their website. Get a PaySafeCard to access live casino online games of live roulette, live blackjack, live poker, and slot games as desired.