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 Red Racer Slot Game at Dublin Bet Live Casino 

When you go to Dublin Bet live casino online you will get the chance to enjoy various games such as live roulette online, live blackjack, live poker, and slot games.  If you play slot games and you are also a car racing fan you will like the live casino online game named Red Racer.  This is a five reel live casino online game that has a total of nine unique pay lines.  This slot game has a theme of a race car with great graphics with various race car symbols like helmets, cards, and tons more!  Players can access this fun slot game after the game interface is displayed and enables you to look at its playing options.  The background and colors are engaging, and when you play the slot games online this is very important.


To begin this live casino online game, we chose to play ten times the maximum betting amount.  Every spin had a total of $45 in bet quantity placed amongst nine different pay lines.  We did not win in our initial spin, but on our second and third spins we won $240.  Our fourth spin was very lucrative, giving us $100, but we did not win on the next four spins.  In total we got $320 but we wagered $450 for the ten spins, so we ended up losing a bit of money, but, we had a great time playing this game. Maybe if we had kept on playing we could have gotten our losses back.


We then chose to enjoy this live casino online game one more time, but we decided to bet on only four game lines and not the whole nine, having every spin be less than $40.  Our initial three game spins gave us $20 each with the fourth spin providing us with an extra $40.  Our last game spin did not give us any return, but the feeling to keep on playing the game.  In total, we bet $200 for the last five spins giving us a grand total of $100 in winnings, so we were happy with the results.  We are certain that if we had kept on playing we would have made a lot more money.


This great slot game is great to be enjoyed by all players, even for non-racing fans. The purpose for this live casino online game is to provide fun by having the set up of five reels, which is not usual for slot games which most have three lines. In addition, the sound effects and graphics provide a sense of being in the actual casino playing slot games.  Positioning wagers is easy with this slot game, having all the information to bet located at the lower portion of the window where you just have to select the quantity of lines you want to wager. If you decide to wager an equal quantity every time, you may just press the “repeat” icon, enabling the slot game to wager for you.  This live casino online game is enticing, good looking, and leaves a sense of wanting to play more! Fans of racing and slot games will see that this machine is definitely worth the money and time!