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  Red Racer Live Casino Guide


The slot game called Red Racer has nine lines and five reels to put your bets on.  The greater the credits per line you play, the more the game payout will be in the case of a win.

Game Load

Just login to the desired live casino online site with the username and password that you used to registered at sign-up.  A live casino online account information window will be displayed.  On the left side of this game’s window the image Play Now will show.  Press this icon and the Lobby will be shown in a new window.

Select to play Red Racer at the slot games area at the lobby.

After clicking the link to load Red Racer a window will show-up.  A progress bar will now display the quantity of the live online casino game that is being loaded.  The live casino online game will be available to be enjoyed after the loading process has reached the 100% level.

Rules of the Game


Regulations for Red Racer are basic, simply choose the amount that you like to bet per line and the quantity of game lines that you would want to play and spin the reels.


Bet placing


To set bets you must use the Game Panel (as mentioned above) to select the line bet and amounts.


The live casino online game panel has two areas utilize to place bets.  First, you must decide the amount per line that you like to play. For instance, if you are playing three lines and you wager 3.00 credits per line, the total wager for the live dealer casino game would be 6.00 credits.  The Game Panel has the line bet button on its right side border.


You have to pick the amount of lines that you would want to play with, after selecting the quantity that you like to wager in the line bet area. The icon used to select the amount of lines in your live casino online game is under Lines and is located on the left side of the live casino online game panel by the line bet button with a rank of one by default. 


Maximum & Minimum Bets


Maximum Bet


Simply press the maximum wager icon located in the panel for the game.


Minimum Bet


Red Racer automatically begins with the minimum wager option as the starting wager, after download.

Information on Payout

Regular icons pay the multiplying amount shown in the Pay Table right by the line bet.

Game Understanding

There are various action and utilities that may be utilized while playing a “Red Racer” live casino online game, as described below;

Paths/Betting Lines


There are denominations on a descending order from five to one, by the slot reels. So, when choosing the amount of lines that you would want to play with, a horizontal game bar will unite these denominations and the more lines that you play, the greater the odds of winning.


Red Racer’s winning combinations are taken from the right to left and left to right sides.


Wild Symbol


What is the purpose of the wild symbol?


A wild symbol is utilized to show any other symbol that would be necessary in order to win.


How does it function?


Wild game symbol functions as an any symbol in Red Racer. For instance, if you have a four game reel with equal symbols with a wild game symbol, the slot game will decide that you got five of the same symbol (4x Machine and 1 x Wild). The game payout is duplicated with the wild symbol combination also.


Rules for the wild symbol


Slot machines with 3 reels


The wild symbol has to be consecutively located from the left to right border of the game.


Slot machines with 5 reels


The wild game symbol has to display from the right to left or left to right in a consecutive way.


Where to find extra game information on a specific wild game symbol?


Wild game symbol information is located in the Game Payouts section of the Red Racer slot game.


Scatter symbol


These symbols can pay on any position on the game reels; it doesn’t have to be in the game line of pay.  A scatter game symbol combo that is victorious will pay versus the wager’s total, not the in line wager. For instance, scatter symbol wins are added in the Payline wins.


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