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DublinBet: The First Live Casino

DublinBet is the first among the Internet gambling websites to have games like roulette, blackjack, live sic bo, live poker, and live baccarat with the live dealer factor. With their distance gambling technology, gamblers in DublinBet can look at real games occurring. These live games are what determine the results of the casino games that gamblers can play. To play the live dealer games of DublinBet, gamblers just have to download the casino software for free from the DublinBet site and sign-up with a confirmed e-mail address. The installation and download time are very short. Gamblers can being playing roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker with a live croupier.

With the live dealer factor, gamblers can look at the real games occurring, and the croupiers doing their game motions. This will aid to assure the gamblers that the result of the live game is not machine-created, but a real result based on an actual and real game. Also, the croupiers of DublinBet are classy, sophisticated, and decent, which positions it apart from other casinos that try to bring in gamblers by having special groups of croupiers. As the first live dealer casino, DublinBet takes Internet gaming seriously.

DublinBet has five live casino games. These are roulette 1, roulette 2, blackjack early payout, baccarat or Punto Banco, and timed Texas Hold ‘Em games. Despite the utilization of interactive functions that make the video feed, DublinBet’s live casino games download fast.

The live function also allows the gambler to list to the sounds from the video. You may even listen to the croupier drawing the cards and this is enhanced by the effects of electronic sounds emanating from the casino game. The video even zooms in at various times to show the cards that are drawn on the table. And since you may even listen to noises from the background, you will feel like that you are playing in a real casino. DublinBet even has the live chat function that allows gamblers to chat with the croupiers.

The live blackjack casino game is stimulating and absorbing. Players who like the game will appreciate the live function from DublinBet. The roulette casino games are available in two versions. This gives casino players more options. In roulette, the video aids and plays a large part in enhancing the experience for the game. Due to the climax of the casino games lying on the wheel spinning and the ball rolling, the live variation is the best method to play roulette. And as the wagering goes, you will also look at other gamblers make their wager on the casino table.

The noises of the roulette wheel spinning and the ball falling are very thrilling. It gives the roulette casino game the energy it requires. The baccarat casino games are similar to the blackjack casino games, with video and sounds that stimulate the gambler’s concentration. The Texas Hold ‘Em live variation is available at certain times. If you every play it, you will see that it is very thrilling too. Other casinos do not have the live variation of Texas Hold ‘Em. DublinBet is indeed one of the casino favorites with their live factor.