Live Roulette Tips

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Tips for Enjoying a Live Roulette Game

Many roulette game play strategies offer big money results, but the truth is that live roulette games greatly depend on chance. However, there are ways to better your odds by following specific betting patterns, as an example. If done correctly, betting patterns can extend your money's worth, allowing you to play longer and maybe even- get some profit!

Betting Patterns

You can place bets randomly or by following a specific pattern. Specific pattern may be based on the numbers that have played plus the odds for specific numbers to play. Follow a betting pattern to stay longer in the game by maximizing your chances to win. Betting patterns don't guarantee a win due to casinos' payout ratios, but do increase the chances of you to win big

Betting randomly just leaves your fate to luck on every spin that you play. As such, random betting could lead to fast losses with no returns and little fun. If you want to take your chances and be risky, place wagers with the lowest player's edge or odds like straight bets.

Bet Type Odds

The odds to win for most types of roulette bets are listed below. The odds for the European roulette version are shown on the left while the ones for the American roulette version are shown on the right. For example, a straight bet has a one out of 37 chances to win in a European table and one out of 38 chances to win in an American version.

1. Straight Bet:  1:37 - 1:38 
2. Split Bet:       1:18.5 - 1:19
3. Street Bet:     1:12.3 - 1:12.7
4. Corner Bet:    1:9.25 -1:9.5
5. Five-line Bet: 1:7.6 - 1:7.4
6. Six-line Bet:   1:6.2 - 1:6.3
7. Column Bet:   1:3.1 -  1:3.2
8. Dozen Bet:     1:3.1 - 1:3.2
9. Odd/Even:      1:2.06 - 1:2.11
10. Red/Black:   1:2.06 - 1:2.11
11. High/Low:    1:2.06 - 1:2.11 

As described from the bet type chart above, the European roulette offers a better chance to win for you. Due to this, if you like to play the game with lower risks, it is better to place bets on the outside.

If you feel like taking chances, you should definitely place bets on the inside. In live casino online games like live roulette, quit playing while you are ahead. If you are lucky enough to win big, consider counting your winnings to save for later games. This especially applies to winning on inside bets which have low chances to win, but offer big payouts.

Search for tables that permit the " la partage" or "en prison" regulation to maximize your chances to win. In the regulation of en prison, you don’t lose bets placed for even or odd numbers when the ball falls on a 00 or 0. This en prison option lowers the house's edge to a mere 1.35%. On the other hand, in the la partage, the player gets half of the bet placed on odd or even numbers if the ball falls on a 00 or a 0. The house only has an edge of 2.6% in la partage. La partage simply means surrender.

Always remember to keep your bets small to last longer in the game. Avoid betting all your money in a single spin since you could lose everything in an instant. Learn how to bet, avoiding later disappointments that could sour your entire live roulette experience. Even if you play at a live casino just for money, remember to also have fun at live roulette, live blackjack, and live poker games.