Live Casino Tutti Fruiti

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 Slot Game Guide

Dublin Bet live casino online has a great selection of slot games on their site alongside games of live roulette online, live blackjack, and live poker.  Of the various slot games, there is “Tutti Fruiti,” a great five reels five lines game.  If you have never played a slot game with five reels, you will see that this is a great game with fruit icons.  When you access the game’s interface you will be taken automatically to a display of bright colors, and lots of fruits. This interface readies the playing environment for players to have a great time. Regardless of the time that you play, Tutti Fruiti will certainly be fun even if you only play for a couple of minutes.


This slot machine is a five live five reel action game, so we played it by betting the maximum amount, being five lines at $25 per spin.  On our initial spin we got $20 and on the following two spins we got nothing.  On our final two game spins we got some money, making $20 and $100 respectively.  The overall result was that we spent $125.00 and won $140.00, so we made some money in the end.  This live casino online game was tons of fun and we will certainly play it next time for more than just five spins.


Since we couldn't resist, we decided that it was time to play the live casino online game of Tutti Fruiti again.  However, this time around we would only wagered on three lines.  When betting on just three of the total five lines, only $15 are needed instead of the previous $25 per spin.  We didn't make any money in the first two spins of our second round, but we made $20 on our third spin.  On our fourth spin, we made $40, and on our final fifth spin we got nothing.  In total, we got $60 on our second try, but we bet a total of $75 to enjoy five spins with three lines.  Maybe if we had played for five more spins, we could have gotten some money this time around also.


Even though we didn’t play enough to get our money back and maybe even win some cash, this slot game was very exciting to play.  The feel, the look, the graphics, and the sound effects are what make this game tons of fun to play.  All these aspects made us forget that we were not in an actual casino, but playing at a live casino online from the comfort of our own home.  It is really simple to bet, since you only have to select the number of lines that you like to wager and then, click on spin.  If you like to wager in the same way for various spins, you may just place the game on repeat, enabling the game to keep on betting for you without the need to click on any other buttons. 

It is just very exciting and simple, creating a slot game perfect for beginners while offering tons of fun for all players alike. If slot games are not your fancy, check other options like live blackjack, live roulette online, and live poker that are always available at a live casino online of your choice.