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One of the best methods in order to maintain your bank and credit card information secure from Internet purchases is to utilize an Internet payment method like UKash. UKash is an Internet payment system that allows you to utilize money instead of bank or credit accounts to pay for items or services online. This is accomplished with the utilization of prepaid cards obtained from some outlets in South Africa, United Kingdom, or Europe.

Also named UKash vouchers, this Internet cash payment method is a great asset for those players that do not have a bank account or credit card to utilize for such service payments or Internet purchases to play games of live roulette online, live blackjack, slot games, and live poker. You can just purchase these UKash vouchers and input the pin digits for these UKash vouchers to utilize the money that is available in the Ukash card that you bought.

Getting UKash

When you buy your UKash voucher, you obtain a nineteen digits code from the vendor you bought it from in the receipt or slip. This code is then imprinted into the site or Internet vendor’s page where you requested the type of payment that you wanted to utilize. Then, you are taken to input the pin code after choosing UKash. UKash is valid for utilization on websites that are located in Europe, in the time being, and you may utilize the online money that you place in these UKash vouchers on live casinos online, music sites, VoIP services and sites, and tons more. A compilation of the websites where UKash is accepted or acknowledged as a payment method may be reached on the UKash site and may be even printed for reference in the future without the user having to check on the website all the time.

UKash Purchase

When you purchase UKash from some vendors, you will know that some vendors of UKash have various denominations for the vouchers that they are offering. If you acquire UKash from Paypoint, you will see that the denominations you may obtain go from five British pounds up to 499 British pounds. When you buy Ukash from the Payzone vendor, vouchers commence at 15 British pounds and go up to 500 British pounds. The E-Pay UKash vouchers begin at 10 British pounds, going up to 100 British pounds. Every UKash voucher has nineteen digits code that you must enter when asked by the website that you are utilizing it on, like a live casino online, having an expiration date of one year from the moment of the first buy of the voucher.

While certain vendors that sell the UKash vouchers sell them sometimes to people under the legal age, PayPoint outlet stores need customers of the vouchers to proof that they are of legal age in order to utilize the UKash vouchers to purchase items that may be located on websites that serve only adults like to play games at a live casino online.

For those people that want to buy items that are expensive online, there is a way for them to unite UKash vouchers on one of the tools for UKash that are located on the website. Uniting these UKash vouchers is simple because the tool you utilize on the UKash website allows you to input the code of your vouchers on the page to combine them all. Since the UKash vouchers are just like money online, there are no extra fees for utilizing them with payments or purchases to merchant websites. You may purchase up to five of the UKash vouchers at one moment with the limit per transaction at five hundred British pounds.

You may call UKash’s hotline at 0808-234-6244, where you will get in touch with customer agents from Monday to Friday from seven in the morning to eleven at night CET. You may also e-mail UKash by pressing on the tab for e-mail located on the page for contact us at their site.