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Poker is a live casino online game, a very popular one, which is enjoyed in all corners of the planet.  There are two kinds of poker, which are auto poker/poker and live poker. Dealers draw cards on live casino online tables in live poker. Once the cards are dealt, hands are matched and the greatest value hand wins.

Loading the Game

To login to the game, utilize your password and username which you used to sign-up to access the live casino online website.  A live casino online account information screen will now be displayed.  The “play now” image will now be shown on the left corner of the screen. Click this icon to access the lobby in a new window.

You may select to play auto poker from “the table & card” games choice or “live poker” from the live casino online games selection from the lobby. A pop-up window will be shown after clicking the link to load the poker game.  A progress bar will display the amount of the live casino online game that is loaded.  Live poker will be ready to be played once the loading is at 100%.

Game Rules

These poker games use five cards, with certain variations.  You will feel as if you were in a land casino table of poker, as an Internet gambler.  All game cards are dealt turn up, with the exception of one card called the exchange card. Only one card may be exchanged in this kind of poker game.  The dealer utilizes a card deck with fifty-two cards, and draws them in an specific order.

Game cards are drawn by the dealer, giving one card to each gambler and the house.  In each live casino online game, one card is handed turn up and four cards are handed turned down to the players.  In addition, one exchange card is handed turned-down and five cards are handed turned up to the dealer.



You should place an ante wager at the beginning of the live online casino game. This will show the casino game that you would like to play.  Cards are handed to the dealer and gamblers after the ante wager has been made.


Bet or Exchange Card


You will have two choices after been handed five cards.  You must choose if you like to trade one of your game cards for the bet or exchange card on your hand.  If you choose to exchange a card, the similar amount set in your ante will be removed from your credits and put in your total bet amount.


Click the bet icon when you are satisfied with your hand and this will place double the amount made in your ante to the bet box.  The bonus and the remainder of the credits positioned in the game will be lost, if you do not make a wager on your hand.


A dealer has to open the game for wagers to win.  Dealers require a hand with an ace and a king or a hand of higher rank in order to open the game.  Back wagers are handed back and all gambler ante wagers are paid on a pay rate of one to one, if the dealer is unable to open.  Game hands with lower rank than the dealer, lose and ante hands with higher rank wins, if the dealer opens the game.  When a dealer and a gambler’s hands are of equal rank, then, the next greater card are compared. The hand with the greater card wins in a tie.  A game stand-off is named, if the hands are still the same after the next greater cards are compared. 

If a gambler wins, ante wagers are paid on a one to one rate. Back wagers are paid according on the hands’ rank; a greater payout is given to the greater hand, and without paying for the exchange wager.  If a game hand draws, the exchange wager is removed. Then, back wagers and ante wagers are given back.  All wagers are lost if the game hand loses.

Bonus Bets

You can make a bonus wager along an ante wager.  This wager of only one British pound enables the game hand to access a bonus payout based to the rank of the first five cards drawn.  Bonus payouts are provided, if your hand is better or a straight, whether the dealer opens or not.

The bonus payout only considers the first five game cards drawn. A bonus wager can also be made with an ante wager

Understanding the Game

This live casino online game is based on a regular playing table equal to the one found in any land based casino.


Live Video and Sound


All live casino online games are instantly activated with the live video feed like live blackjack, live roulette online, and live poker.  However, if you do not like to look at the streaming video feed or would just like to deactivate the game sound, there are choices in the bottom right side of the screen to do this, as explained below.


Beginning from the left corner, stop is the initial icon, and it stops the live video game feed from going into your personal computer.  You can still play/continue the live casino online game when this icon is pressed.  Pause is the second icon, and it suspends the game video feed while playing (do know that this will not suspend the live casino online game that you are enjoying).  Sound is the third icon; it deactivates the sound from the live game video (a red slash is shown on the sound button when this button is pressed).  The final icon undocks the video feed from the live casino online game table enabling the gambler to put the live video game screen in any desired position on the gambler’s desktop.