Live Roulette Victory

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There are no fast and hard guides that can guarantee winning at live roulette online.  Live roulette is a live casino game online of luck, just like any other games of live blackjack, slot games, and live poker where chance determines if the odds will be in your favor.  This is simply due to the fact that no one can know where the white ball will land with a 100% certainty.

However, while a win is not a 100% guarantee in live roulette online, there are methods to maintain the player’s money to last longer and maybe even some return.  If you like to play the game for the longest time possible without losing a lot of money, there are some things that you should know.  Here are six tips for playing and maybe winning in a game of live roulette online:


1. Know the game. You must be certain that you comprehend the way that the game is played and that you feel comfortable with it.  It would be wise to test some free live roulette online games initially in order to practice.  The majority of live casinos online have free versions for their games to allow players to practice.


2. Two types of roulette. There are two types of games for live roulette online such as the European and American roulettes. The European roulette has better odds involved since it only has a single zero for a total of thirty seven numbers. This gives the European version a house edge of only 2.7% in comparison with the American version’s house advantage of 5.26%.


3. Inside and outside bets. If you have patience and time to play live roulette online in a serious way, you should learn the odds that affect each type of outside and inside bets.  For instance, straight up wagers have odds of thirty five to one.  There are various online sources that describe all these odds.


4. Outside bet option. If you think that you know everything about the live roulette online game, but are not sure about playing with money, you should play by placing outside bets first.  Bets on the outside pay on a one to one rate with a 45% chance to win.  You will surely win some money by just playing with outside bets.  


5. Limit the amount you bet. Set a quantity of money to play the game without going over it.  Do not wager all of your money in just one bet since the odd of losing is way too high. Avoid risking all your money in a single play.  Losing money in a fast way is a very disappointing experience.  You should split your money in small quantities to play for longer periods and ensure some money in return.


A winning session signifies a moment to increase the bet amounts while a losing session signifies a moment to lower such amounts.  Increment the quantity of your wagers if you are in a winning streak. Do the opposite if you are on a losing streak or you could just leave the game to avoid losing more of your money.