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Women at Live Casino Online Sites
March 16th, 2012

More women than ever have been exposed and brought into the gambling arena since there are four times more women playing live casino online games all over the United Kingdom in comparison to 2008 numbers. This information is provided by Hitwise, an e-advertising business, which provides data about the gambling world. Based on this research, female players are enjoying more than ever live casino online games of live blackjack, slot games, live roulette online, and live poker.

Approximately half of British players were women in 2011, dispelling the concept that online gambling is enjoyed mostly by males. The data shows that 48.37% of all online players for 2011 were women with men taking a 51.63% of the total players.

This data was produced after a survey for British Preference Gambling was conducted that demonstrated that women tend to play more in niche zones like slot games and bingo than any other games. Even though, there are more online women gamblers than before, men still play a wider selection of live casino online games like blackjack, live roulette online, live poker, and sports betting.

The Women’s League of Poker from PokerStars is a good example of this, since many women are enjoying games other than slot games and bingo. PokerStars provides poker female gamblers the chance to have fun while competing against other females in a responsible and secure ambiance with the opportunity to win prizes. The league from PokerStars has three stages for playing poker with $5.50, $1.10, and $0.10 money amounts. Prizes are given to the gamblers that acquire the majority of points at the completion of monthly periods with the best players getting invited to take part in the yearly finals for the Poker League. Players can even keep track of their current standings with a monthly ranking page located at PokerStars' website.