Live Casino Zodiac Fortune Game

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If you like to play great slot games, commonly known as three game reel slots, you will love the awesome games from Dublin Bet live casino online.  For example, Zodiac Fortune is one of these fun three reel slot games available at Dublin Bet live casino online.  This is a great three reel game with five lines that has up to five pay lines.  When you choose this game, it is shown immediately, taken into consideration your Internet speed. In addition, Zodiac Fortune has a bright interface with themes about the zodiac.


On the lower portion of the game's screen, the player will have all the betting selections.  Players may select to wager the maximum amount, which is five lines or other quantities of lines that they may like.  When you wager on this maximum amount, you have to pay twenty five dollars per game spin. To do this, you must press the “bet max” button followed by the “spin” button.  Moreover, for players that would like to keep on betting the maximum amount, they may press on “repeat” for the live casino online game to automatically bet for the player.


To test our luck on the slot games, we chose to play five times for the maximum amount.  Our initial two spins gave us an empty hand, so we were down fifty dollars in a matter of seconds.  On the following game spin we got two hundred dollars and on our fourth spin we got sixty dollars. On our final spin, we got twenty dollars.  We ended our five games run with two hundred and ninety dollars. It was good since we only spent one hundred and twenty five dollars for the five spins. We basically got a total of one hundred and sixty five in game winnings! This is very good for a few minutes of gaming. After all, it's not easy to do the same in games of live roulette online, live blackjack, and live poker.


Moreover, just to get one more taste of this zodiac theme game, we decided to play for a similar quantity of spins again. However, we would only bet on three lines.  The initial three spins of our second round got us nothing, but we made twenty dollars on the fourth spin and eight dollars on the final one.  Every spin had a cost of fifteen dollars, so the end result for our second round of five spins was for a total of twenty five dollars!  This zodiac themed game was tons of fun and we will definitely keep on playing it.  The game has cool graphics, sound effects, and a themed layout that duplicates the casino environment really well.


Slot game fans who like to play on live casinos online and new players to slot games, will find that this game is great.  All they need to do is login online to enjoy this great slot game.  This is a great method to spend time at home and possibly win some money too. Try Dublin Bet live casino online if you want to have some fun.  This is a slot game that we definitely recommend!